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Re: fonts in msttcorefonts appear blank

On Thursday 08 December 2005 13:17, Matej Cepl was heard to say:
> If you still use dselect, do not complain -- I do not have mercy
> for those who try to commit suicide and then complain that it hurts
> :-).

Interesting. Yet I find aptitude so cumbersome, and tasksel so 
arbitrary, that they are useless to me.

If I may burden this list with one more irrelevancy, what do you find 
"suicidal" about dselect?

> > The fonts still don't show up in the xlsfonts list.
> Actually, why do you need it in xlsfonts? I mean, which of the
> tools you use are not dependent on fontconfig anyway?

I have no clue. I was following the lead of the first person who 
posted about it. I do find it interesting that this xlsfonts is 
installed and seems to be working, but does not see all the fonts 
installed. But then, I have no idea what xlsfonts does, where it's 
used, etc.

One major reason for my admiration of the Debian package maintainers 
is that following their dependencies tends to make a working system. 
I don't have need to know what every different tool does, nor do I 
need to worry that tons of stuff I have no use for is going to be 
installed. That is one reason I eschew tasksel after having tried it 
once. Ouch!


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