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Re: can't start kde

Emil-Valentin Toma schrieb:
Hi, I'm new in using debian pure.

After first install, install also kde, reboot, the
login window appears but after few second kde doesn't
start but come back in login window.

I had similar difficulties with three Sarge installations. The default is Gnome and gdm. It is possible to select software during installation with the program aptitude, but this is a dangerous program with a not very intuitive pseudo-GUI unsuitable for newcomers, so it is easy to foul things up at this stage. I suggest doing a complete new install of full graphical destop system not selecting anything with aptitude. You should then eventually get a graphical login screen (called gdm). This will start Gnome by default but it should be possible to select KDE as well.

An easier alternative is to install KDE-Debian is from Knoppix. First start the Knoppix Live-CD or Live-DVD, e.g. Version 4.0. Then you can invoke the knoppix-installer (I believe it is called just that) from the root shell and select the Debian installation. You could also use the live-CD for a while as it is and create a permanent home on hard disk, which will not only hold data but also configurations and installed software. A system called union file system merges the files from home and from the CD. When everything is to your liking, you can then start the installation onto hard disk and all the changes will be incorporated. This is a quite unique and splendid way of installing. There is no difficulty if you have the required partitions and know where they are and do not have a complicated multiboot-system with various systems on various disks.

However with Debian from Knoppix you will then have many programs from the unstable (Sid) fork of Debian, and some from testing (Etch), so you will eventually get problems, especially with KDE, if you start to install or uninstall things without paying great attention. Installing software can be done with kpackage, but IMHO synaptic is easier to use. Synaptic will relatively clearly warn you before removing KDE completely, which is often a result of trying to install, remove or update a single program in KDE. Knoppix uses standard Debian packages for most things.

A further alternative is to install Kubuntu, which will give you a well configured KDE Debian-based system, but Kubuntu is not Debian and I'm not sure if it can be easily turned into a pure Debian.

Theo Schmidt

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