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.fonts.cache-1 and sarge


We use an FAI installation of sarge, selecting our own packages.

We have about 200 computers running sarge, used by our students.

We have the following problem:

Each time a student logs into a different computer, using KDE as their desktop environment, a new .fonts.cache-1 file is created, of size approx 1M. This takes time to create.

If I install a "vanilla" sarge from a cd and the network
    add in the fonts we use
    run fc-cache -f
    then login,
a .fonts.cache-1 file of 0 size is created.

Note. If fc-cache is not run, the file size is similar to what is created on our system. However, we run fc-cache as a cron job every night.

If I install debian's icewm on our systems, the large .fonts.cache-1 file is still created.

It seems likely that we have left a package out, or have something else misconfigured. I would appreciate your suggestions.


Sue McGlashan
CDF System Administrator

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