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KMail & KAddressBook


This is so frustrating.  Any help appreciated.

I'm using Sarge and with the default desktop install of KDE on a Pentium IV 
box.  KMail is a great tool until I press the button labeled "..." (three 
dots) to the right of the "To:" field on a new message which pops up the 
Address Selection dialog with the addresses from my address book on the left 
and buttons in the middle to move them to the "Selected Addresses" field on 
the right.  But, but, but! there are no scroll bars! and so no way to get to 
the addresses that don't fit on the screen or access the OK and Cancel 
buttons I know are at the bottom of the dialog.

Maximizing the dialog does not help.  All the other dialogs in KMail seem to 
work properly:  scroll bars appear when they need to, controls like buttons 
on the bottom of the window remain in the visible portion of the dialog 
window as they should.  It's just this one important dialog that misbehaves.

Any one have a clue what I might do to fix this?  Sadly, it makes KMail 
unusable for create an email to a large group of people.


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