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Re: KMail & KAddressBook

Hi Andy

On Wednesday 19 October 2005 09.14, Andy Streich wrote:

> I'm using Sarge and with the default desktop install of KDE on a Pentium IV
> box.  KMail is a great tool until I press the button labeled "..." (three
> dots) to the right of the "To:" field on a new message which pops up the
> Address Selection dialog with the addresses from my address book on the
> left and buttons in the middle to move them to the "Selected Addresses"
> field on the right.  But, but, but! there are no scroll bars!

I also use Debian Sarge, and I cannot reproduce the problem you mention: If i 
click the "..."-Button right of the "To" - line, I get scrollbards in the 

I have the following versions of kmail/kaddressbook:
ii  kaddressbook   3.3.2-3        KDE NG addressbook application
ii  kmail          3.3.2-3        KDE Email client



Elias Gerber, egerber@gmx.net
CH - Bern

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