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Re: KOffice 1.4.2 available

On Thursday 13 October 2005 22:21, Isaac Clerencia wrote:
> > James Spencer has just reported the first bug, I moved a file from
> > kpresenter to koffice-libs but forgot to add a Replaces:, I'll fix it
> > soon and also will enable openexr support in krita.
> I've already uploaded a new version (both to unstable and pkg-kde.alioth)
> fixing the Replaces: thing, the openexr support is only present in current
> krita from SVN, so we'll have to wait for that :)

Just wondering, how many painting applications does this make in all of kde? 
Is there such a thing as too many painting applications in one desktop 
environment? Would it be possible for people to decide on perhaps just a 
couple and then develop only those..

Being a bit tungue in cheek here.. :) Seems like every new kde version lately 
has brought us a new painting app.


 - Debian/Unstable - KDE 3.4.2 - KMail 1.8.2 -

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