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Re: Safe to upgrade my KDE 3.3.2 to v3.4?

On Saturday 08 October 2005 10:56 pm, Phillip Pi wrote:
> Hello! I am still using KDE v3.3.2 on my Debian (Kernel 2.6.12-K7) box. I
> would like to upgrade to 3.4 if possible, but I was told that it is not
> ready weeks ago. Is it still not ready? I had these dependencies:

If there ever was the promised "it's safe now" message, I never noticed it.

I finally decided to try for some reason or other, after waiting maybe six 
weeks, and it didn't go too badly.  I think two or three comparatively minor  
things broke, which I had to address by hand.

That was a week or two ago, so chances are good that it's safe to come out now 
and give it a whirl.

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