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Re: Question on konsole

phyrster wrote:
On 22:03 Tue 04 Oct 2005, Bob Alexander wrote:

Dear friends,
when using programs like make menuconfig compiling Linux kernel or kismet in a konsole I see weird characters instead of the simple line drawing a box.

Outside KDE (3.3 in debian etch) in a console everything is aok.

What can I try to fix this ?

I think it is due to your locale, is it Italian? The temporary solution is change the locale into English and see if the
problem persists.



Dear friend thank you for trying to help.

In KDE (Control Center, Regional Settings, Country/Language) I have Italian as the locale and US English as the language.

I my konsoles

bob@t40:~$ env |grep LANG

I tried changing the locale in KDE, logging out and relogging, to both US and C but nothing changed.

I altro tried assigning other values to the LANG and LANGUAGE environment vars but nothing changed.

Any other ideas ?

Thank you,

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