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KMail issues--input wanted before filing reports

I have a few issues with KMail (as part of Kontact) that I thought I'd 
see if any of you could confirm or comment on before I possibly file 
some bug reports. Two of them, I'd consider bugs; two are wishlist 

Keys get sticky when composing long messages

When typing a medium-length e-mail (say, 15 lines or more, getting worse  
with length), the responsiveness of the Composer window declines 
severely. Single keystrokes are caught as double keystrokes or not at 
all. This happens regardless of whether or not automatic spellchecking 
is turned on. The system is a P3-500 with 384 MiB of RAM. I'm not 
seeing this in any other application (Kate gets slow at the end of long 
paragraphs, but it doesn't lose key-up/down events).

Some phrases settings persist despite being changed

Under Settings->Configure KMail->Composer->Phrases, I added the language  
presets for Swedish and British English, selected Swedish and removed 
U.S. English. Now, when trying to set it to (any) English, the change 
appears to take effect, but when replying to an e-mail or going back to 
the configuration dialogue after having closed it, the phrases are set 
to their Swedish values even though the language is set to English. The 
dialogue box seems deeply confused over the British English, U.S. 
English, and Swedish language settings, which ones are available, which 
one is set, and what their appropriate values are. Sometimes, it will 
offer two British English settings (one having Swedish values). At the 
moment, adding Swedish is no longer an option.

kmailrc looks like so:

[KMMessage #0]
phrase-forward=Vidarebefordrat brev
phrase-reply=%D skrev du:
phrase-reply-all=%D skrev %F:

[KMMessage #1]
phrase-forward=Vidarebefordrat brev
phrase-reply=%D skrev du:
phrase-reply-all=%D skrev %F:

[KMMessage #2]

This is clearly corrupted. While I can fix it manually, it shouldn't 

Wishlist: phrases language should be linked with chosen dictionary

I communicate using e-mail in more than one language, and having to 
change the phrases settings in a tab in a section in a configuration 
dialogue box accessed from an item in a menu every time I switch 
language becomes tedious.

What I'd like to see is the composer window automatically substituting 
the standard phrases for forwarding and replying to match the current 
dictionary choice.

Wishlist: phrases should use appropriate locale for date

Currently, the phrases function of the composer will, for example, 
substitute %D with the long date format of the user's chosen locale. 
When choosing a language preset for composer phrases that is different 
from the chosen locale (there are valid reasons for doing so; many 
users are bilingual), this leads to silly mixing of phrases in one 
language and month names and date formats more appropriate to another.

Instead, the date substitution should use the locale appropriate for the 
chosen language preset when inserting standard phrases.

Alex Nordstrom
Please do not CC me in followups; I am subscribed to debian-kde.

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