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Re: usb storage problems

Am Montag, 19. September 2005 19.32 schrieb Derek Broughton:
> It's the 650 "not installed" programs that are killing you.  I believe
> you're getting caught in a libc6 upgrade.  If you've got the nerve for it,
> "aptitude upgrade" might install most of those 650 (without removing
> anything), then try again.

No, I havn't got the nerve (yet), until I've backuped an image of my hard 

> > > So, you have a device on the desktop that is unmounted?  Click on the
> > > device, it mounts, right-click and select "unmount" to unmount it.  If
> > > that's not working, what _is_ happening?
> >
> > The icon appears on the desktop already mounted after executing pmount.
> The icon _should_ appear on the desktop unmounted - if you have the KDE
> device settings configured (Desktop configuration / behaviour/ device
> icons) to show unmounted removable devices.  So then you click on it and it
> mounts (using pmount).

Hmm... I do have the KDE desktop configured to show unmounted devices, but it 
only shows mounted devices.

> So try the "upgrade".  "upgrade" is generally safe, where "dist-upgrade"
> may not be.  Not being an "etch" user, I couldn't bet on whether it's
> currently safe to dist-upgrade to it.

At the moment I have a more pressing problem: having updated the kernel, it no 
longer plays any sound, even after an hour of fiddling. It's also quite slow 
booting, taking longer than a Knoppix Live-CD-ROM. Going back to the old 2.4 
kernel, the sound is fine, but I can't mount my USB devices...

Looking on the internet, I see about 1000 sound problems of the same nature, 
but no easy solutions, only stuff like "compile your own kernel".

Anyway, I'll have to take these problems somewhere else now, as it has nothing 
to do with KDE.

Theo Schmidt

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