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KDE 3.4.2 issues


yesterday I switched two machines (SID, almost the same configuration) to KDE 
3.4.2. In both cases I had to fix things up to get KDE started at all.

1. The kdm input appeared, but keyboard input did not work at all. I couldn't 
even switch to a console with ctrl-alt-1. I finally found out, that 
replacing /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc and /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc with the 
appropriate .dpkg-dist fixed it up. (I answered the the apt-get question 
about replacing these files with 'n', which is the default).

2. On the second machine I answered the apt-get questions about replacing 
kdmrc and backgroundrc with 'y' (clever, ehh?). But logging in on kdm just 
restarted xorg and brought up kdm again. This was just true for my desktop 
user. I tried it as root and other users, which worked out fine. I found out, 
that removing ~.wmrc solved the problem.

This is just for your interest. I am not shure if one should call this 'bugs'. 
But if someone is interested in my old kdmrc, just tell me - I backed it up.

Now there is a point that I did not find out so far:
Pasting and copying with the middle mouse button does not work any more. 
Please give me a hint about that, I just can't find the switch to enable it 
Which makes it worse is that in Konsole, even ctrl-C and ctrl-V do not work 
any more. i have to use the menu (or shift-insert to paste). I did not manage 
to globally switch it on. Any help?



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