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Re: keeping passwords

Freddie Cash wrote:

>> Giacomo Lacava wrote:
>>>> Hmmm, that is a serious security issue. I was hoping there would
>>>> be a password encrypted password cache or something similar.
>>> KWallet is what you are talking about. It works wonderfully for
>>> KDE-based applications. unfortunately, Synaptic is GNOME-based...
>>> You definately need to check out kdesu/kdesudo docs however.
>> How do you use it with kdesu?  kdesu doesn't even have a man page
>> and, on Ubuntu at least, /usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdesu/ has no
>> valid documentation!

On that subject, it does seem to have a valid docbook - so what do I need to
read docbooks?
> kdesu does so have a man page. See attached.

(a) gmane doesn't appear to pass attachments.
(b) No it doesn't.  KDE may provide one, but it isn't part of the Ubuntu
package (and so I'm betting Debian, too) which contains kdesu

> There's also gksu (the GTK frontend to su), but it also does not
> support changing the timeout of the password storage.

??  So why even mention it?  You can't just install gksu, it comes with
bonobo and gnomeui and gconf - something like an extra 40MB of stuff - and
it's never likely to interface to kwallet.

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