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Guarddog Wont Allow Access To Browzer And Email

Just finished configuring Guarddog firewall using the "Using Guarddog" Basic Configuation Tutorial in the KDE help files. The tutorial seemed fairly easy to use and understand so, I'm a little surprised that I was blocked from accessing the internet. However, I'm new to Linux and have only used free Zone Alarm under Windows 98SE which was simple to setup. I was able to connect to my ISP using KPPP but couldn't use the browser or email client. Got an error message to the effect that the URL was not found, please check that the name is correct... . I also set up a DMZ zone as suggested in the tutorial and suspect this may be causing the problem. My zone configuration looks like this:

Local-> DMZ
Internet-> DMZ

And, of course, I tagged the all the email protocols and TPC, UDC protocols. Would appreciate any clues/suggestions on how to fix the firewall. Will supply any needed info when requested. Please copy my email address as I'm not subscribed.
Thanks for your consideration,

Leonard Chatagnier

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