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Re: DigiKam And Sony DSC-P10 Wont Talk

Greg Madden wrote:

On Monday 25 July 2005 04:24 pm, Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
When I select my Sony DSC-P10 (PTP or Normal mode) in digiKam's
Camera drop down I get this:
"Failed to connect to camera. Please make sure its connected properly
and turned on. Would you like to try again?"
I'm reasonably sure that it's connected properly having followed my
Sony manual instructions.  The blue viewing screen shows USB Mode
NORMAL or PTP(whichever I select in the setup menu) with the four red
dots that quickly turn to white shortly after turning on the camera. DigiKam didn't autodetect my camera but I found it listed in the db
file and selected it from the Add Camera list.  I read all the
related manuals and the set up info in all the "refered to"
configuration files. Nothing works.  I'm bewildered at how many
configuration files for different programs that is required to set up
digiKam.  At least my scanner works as I'm able to scan from it and
place the image in my Album->Pictures file.  However, I'm not able to
use the memory card reader to download images from the memory stick. I would like to use my Epson Stylus CX6400 memory card reader to
download images from the camera but haven't seen any reference to it.
I'm reasonably sure this is all some Debian setup issue but can't
figure it out myself after reading manuals and all instructions in
the various configuration files.  I'm still a newbie with Debian and
Linux in general and definately would appreciate any help getting my
camera images downloaded.  I didn't include any setup/configuration
files as there are so many; please request what is pertinent and I'll
transmit them.  Please copy my email address on any replys as I'm not
subscribed(I'll monitor the list but it's easier to reply if you cc
my email address).
Thanks for your consideration and help,

Leonard Chatagnier

I had to fiddle with permissions for USB ports, a good read @


Thanks, It was a permission issue as verified by gphoto run as user and root. Talk about fiddling, I spent all day, literally, reviewing the above link and trying out each step, item by item. Finally, after rebooting, I was able to download the images using digiKam. Not at all sure just what of the many things I changed or added to some conf files actually did the trick. Debian or KDE, whichever, shouldn't make program/devices setup/configuration so damn difficult for the newbie non-programmer. If I could do all this by myself, I would have enough knowledge and insight to be a network administrator. Since I can't do that, thanks again for helping me find the solution.

Leonard Chatagnier

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