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Re: DigiKam And Sony DSC-P10 Wont Talk

On Monday 25 July 2005 04:24 pm, Debian User Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> When I select my Sony DSC-P10 (PTP or Normal mode) in digiKam's
> Camera drop down I get this:
> "Failed to connect to camera. Please make sure its connected properly
> and turned on. Would you like to try again?"
> I'm reasonably sure that it's connected properly having followed my
> Sony manual instructions.  The blue viewing screen shows USB Mode
> NORMAL or PTP(whichever I select in the setup menu) with the four red
> dots that quickly turn to white shortly after turning on the camera. 
> DigiKam didn't autodetect my camera but I found it listed in the db
> file and selected it from the Add Camera list.  I read all the
> related manuals and the set up info in all the "refered to"
> configuration files. Nothing works.  I'm bewildered at how many
> configuration files for different programs that is required to set up
> digiKam.  At least my scanner works as I'm able to scan from it and
> place the image in my Album->Pictures file.  However, I'm not able to
> use the memory card reader to download images from the memory stick. 
> I would like to use my Epson Stylus CX6400 memory card reader to
> download images from the camera but haven't seen any reference to it.
> I'm reasonably sure this is all some Debian setup issue but can't
> figure it out myself after reading manuals and all instructions in
> the various configuration files.  I'm still a newbie with Debian and
> Linux in general and definately would appreciate any help getting my
> camera images downloaded.  I didn't include any setup/configuration
> files as there are so many; please request what is pertinent and I'll
> transmit them.  Please copy my email address on any replys as I'm not
> subscribed(I'll monitor the list but it's easier to reply if you cc
> my email address).
> Thanks for your consideration and help,
> Leonard Chatagnier

I had to fiddle with permissions for USB ports, a good read @


Greg Madden

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