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Re: konqueror with gecko

On 6/26/05, Björn Krombholz <fox.box@gmail.com> wrote:
> This whole discussion's been turned into the wrong direction. The

Yes, and some people seem to think I'm slamming konqueror, when in
fact I like konqueror enough that I'm seeking a way to use it all the

> question was not about which HTML engine is the best, but wether it
> was possible to use gecko with Konqueror as it is shipped by Debian.
> And the answer to this is plain and simple: no.

Yes, I gathered this early on in the thread.  Anyway, it's encouraging
to know that the faults are recognized and being worked on.  I recall
a period of time when mozilla (pre firefox) would not work on the same
websites (all my financial sites) that konqueror won't work on today. 
Now I can use firefox on those sites with no problem.  Maybe some day
on konq.

Also, I noticed konqueror has a menu item (Location => Open with
mozilla-firefox) which can be useful.  One feature I like better on
mozilla than konqueror is the "type ahead find" .. it can save a lot
of mouse clicks for those of us with sore wrists.  I haven't found a
way to duplicate that on konqueror yet.



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