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Re: konqueror with gecko

Am Samstag, 25. Juni 2005 05:22 schrieb hacker:
> I'm sure most agree konquerer is not very useful as a web browser,

Konqueror is my main browser and it's very useful. The examples for inperfect 
rendering are valid but this was the case for Gecko in the past, too. Why? 
Simply because the authors of those websites try to be all that fancy but 
usually only test against Firefox and IE. What a surprise that they work with 
Gecko engine :-/

I know another site: https://meine.deutsche-bank.de
Try to enter the amount of numbers, the fields are not wide enough.
I contacted the creators and indead they told me that they never tested with 
Konqueror or Safari, only with Gecko and IE (and that's still the only 
browsers that they support).

And yes, I know sites where IE fails, and there are probably sites where Gecko 


PS: I object that this mail is processed in ANY way by gmail but for reading 

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