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Re: svn kde-i18n .deb build?

El Jueves, 26 de Mayo de 2005 16:47, Nick Niktaris escribió:
> Hi all,
> The Greek language strings where too outdated to be included in the latest
> official 3.4. As a result the kde-i18n-el .deb does not exist for kde 3.4.
> The Greek team has in the mean while has picked up the translation of 3.4
> and will propably be included in the next stable version.
> What I want to do is to build a .deb file from the latest svn repository
> and install it. How can I do it? ( apart of downloading the files from
> svn). Are the sources of the 3.4pre .debs someplace I can use?
> How do I recreate the kde-i18n-el .deb file from the current svn?

Please DDs, do not kick my ass...

A fast way can be this:

# mkdir ~/el.d

Take the DEBIAN dir from latest kde-i18n-el package and extract to it:

# dpkg --control kde-i18n-el_foo_bar.deb ~/el.d/DEBIAN

Go to svn dir, and install it under ~/el.d

# make install PREFIX=~/el.d

Modify the version:

# vim ~/el.d/DEBIAN/control

Build the package:

# dpkg -b ~/el.d ~/el.deb

Give it the proper name and... done?

# dpkg-name ~/el.deb

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