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Re: svn .deb build?

Nick Niktaris wrote:
> The Greek language strings where too outdated to be included in the latest
> official 3.4. As a result the kde-i18n-el .deb does not exist for kde 3.4.
> The Greek team has in the mean while has picked up the translation of 3.4
> and will propably be included in the next stable version.
> What I want to do is to build a .deb file from the latest svn repository
> and install it. How can I do it? ( apart of downloading the files from
> svn). Are the sources of the 3.4pre .debs someplace I can use?
> How do I recreate the kde-i18n-el .deb file from the current svn?

Well the easiest thing to do is to download the latest source for .deb
packages available (http://packages.debian.org/kde-i18n-el could help) and
unpack them (with dpkg-source -x) somewhere on your disk. Replace then all
relevant files with the news ones and (inside kde-i18n-el/ directory) then

        fakeroot debian/rules binary

If everything goes well (you will have to probably install some additional
packages to make at least rudimentary development environment), do

        cd ..
        dpkg -i kde-i18n-el*.deb

(This will be probably very incorrect package, so never distribute it, but
it should work perfectly well for you; you may need to increase versions of
packages required for the compilation in debian/control, field Depends:).

Otherwise, the introduction to .deb packages building is in documents
contained in the package maint-guide, if you want to know more and create
correct packages.


                Matej Cepl

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