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Re: Annoying passive popups

On Thursday 26 May 2005 10:30, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > This is interesting, once I had kopete showing its popups in the
> > top-left corner but I thought it is a bug. Without changing anything
> > the next time I started KDE the popups were back to their place: next
> > to kopete's system tray icon. Do you always have the popups at the
> > top of the screen ?
> I use the kmail systray icon (only when unread mail) and I have a dual
> head config.
> my kmail stays on my left screen, maxmized (in kontact in fact). my
> popup is *always* in the top right corner of the head that has kontact
> in (even on other desktops).

I have a dual head config with kmail on the left screen, too. In my case all 
the popups are displayed:

- next to the kmail's taskbar button if it exists
- next to the kmail's system tray icon if the taskbar button does not exist

The kicker is always in my left screen so all the popups are displayed 
there. I tried using Kmail in Kontact like you do but the behaviour is the 

I do not know how to force the popups to be displayed in the top of the 
screen (without moving the kicker to the top) :( 

I'll try to create a new user and try with it maybe my ~/.kde dir is "broken".


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