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Re: Annoying passive popups

On Thursday 26 May 2005 10:55, Mihai Maties wrote:
> On Thursday 26 May 2005 10:30, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > > This is interesting, once I had kopete showing its popups in the
> > > top-left corner but I thought it is a bug. Without changing anything
> > > the next time I started KDE the popups were back to their place: next
> > > to kopete's system tray icon. Do you always have the popups at the
> > > top of the screen ?
> >
> > I use the kmail systray icon (only when unread mail) and I have a dual
> > head config.
> >
> > my kmail stays on my left screen, maxmized (in kontact in fact). my
> > popup is *always* in the top right corner of the head that has kontact
> > in (even on other desktops).
> I have a dual head config with kmail on the left screen, too. In my case
> all the popups are displayed:
> - next to the kmail's taskbar button if it exists
> - next to the kmail's system tray icon if the taskbar button does not exist
> The kicker is always in my left screen so all the popups are displayed
> there. I tried using Kmail in Kontact like you do but the behaviour is the
> same.
> I do not know how to force the popups to be displayed in the top of the
> screen (without moving the kicker to the top) :(
> I'll try to create a new user and try with it maybe my ~/.kde dir is
> "broken".

Nope, using a new user didn't help thus I looked further into the source code 
and docs and come up with the following conclusion:

As stated in 
the position of the popup windows depends on the type of the parent windows:

- Normal Windows: The popup is placed adjacent to the icon of the window. 
- System Tray Windows: The popup is placed adjact to the system tray window
- Skip Taskbar Windows: The popup is placed adjact to the window itself if it
  is visible, and at the edge of the desktop otherwise.

I didn't find any code that could allow me to force the popups at some 
specific coordinates so the answer for my initial question would be "no, you 
cannot control where passive popup windows are displayed".

It still eludes me why in Pierre's case the windows are displayed at the top 
of the screen. It might be bug that I'd like to have :)

Mihai (waiting for real time translucent popup windows)

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