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Re: Game doesn't work with DCOP

>Not sure what you mean.
>Did you change to an external player or change aRts output to ALSA instead of 

Ja, I changed aRTs output to ALSA instead of autodetect

>If you are not using aRts as the sound output for SDL you should still reduce 
>its timeout for device releasing.

How can I do this?

>However any other application using the device could also hold the device and 
>this could result in a delay in game startup (if the game waits until the 
>device becomes available)

As I know, there is no process in background, that holds the device. Maybe a 
Deamon? I didn't find anythink. 

But its maybe simply the KDE-System? I own only a Duron 1200 with 256MB. Thats 
enough for Woody and KDE 2.2. But now with Sarge and KDE 3.3? 

By the way, loading a NWN-module takes also minutes now!!!

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