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Re: Game doesn't work with DCOP

On Tuesday 03 May 2005 01:16, Christian Stalp wrote:
> Its done,
> I changed the soundserver in the K-Controlcenter from aRTS to ALSA. Then I

Not sure what you mean.
Did you change to an external player or change aRts output to ALSA instead of 

> And it is the same installation! I used the installer from ravage for NWN
> under Woody. Than I saved the whole NWN-directory in another partition and
> rewrite it after the sarge upgrade. But maybe this is the also the reason
> for the delay?????

If you are not using aRts as the sound output for SDL you should still reduce 
its timeout for device releasing.

However any other application using the device could also hold the device and 
this could result in a delay in game startup (if the game waits until the 
device becomes available)


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