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Re: confused about startup script for xmodmap

On Tue, 3 May 2005 16:18, Ulrich Scholz wrote:
> I'm using Debian testing / KDE 3.3.2.
> I'd like to execute xmodmap once at the initial login.  I guess that
> the right startup script is .xinitrc as it contains the line
>     test -r $HOME/.Xmodmap      && xmodmap $HOME/.Xmodmap
> Unfortunately, it does not show an effect.

As it happens, I ran into the same problem just yesterday.

My theory is this: it does take effect, but once KDE loads after X, it 
also loads keyboard layouts, overriding the change.

I have yet to verify this (I rarely log out or reboot), but I think if 
you move the line to a script in ~/.kde/env/ and add a sleep statement 
(with, say, 20 seconds delay) before it, it might work. Another option 
that might work is to disable keyboard layouts in the KDE Control 

Alex Nordstrom
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