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Re: Re: KDE 3.4: devices:// protocol does not work / media:/ is nice ;-)

>accessing "devices://" via Konqueror gives me either "protocol not 
>supported" or when I type the URL directly I just get re-directed back to 
>the home directory (I preferred an error message ;-).

>Has this protocol been obsoleted?

>Well I really like the "media:/" stuff! ;-) Thats a way to mount an USB 
>stick ;-). I just wondered why I have no direct access to this in 
>Konqueror. I had to type the "media:/" URL manually.

Open the navigation panel in Konqueror (either Tools/Show Navigation
Panel or F9) choose Services (Red Flag icon) and a Devices folder will
show up. No USB drives showing up, though.

Try using Krusader: http://krusader.sourceforge.net/

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