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Re: Quanta 3.4 crashes after about one minute

Le Jeu 31 Mars 2005 19:06, Ernestas Vaiciukevicius a écrit :
> I have the same problem - I already posted about it (kdevelop3
> crashes too for the same libcvsservice reasons, I think)...
> Now I'm using libcvsservice and cervisia from sid's repository and
> quanta and kdevelop3 works ok...
> To workaround dependency problems I've just extracted sid's
> libcvsservice and cervisia packages to the right places while dpkg
> thinks I have 3.4 versions...
> Dirty solution, of course...
> I hope kdesdk will be recompiled the right way soon and I can restore
> my system to the state without such a hacks :)

well, at least I am recompiling kdewebdev against the libcvsservice of 
kde 3.4.0.

packages should be ready soon, and I'll upload them to alioth asap.

(shuold be done in a couple of hours)
·O·  Pierre Habouzit
OOO                                                http://www.madism.org

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