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Re: Quanta 3.4 crashes after about one minute

I have the same problem - I already posted about it (kdevelop3 crashes too for 
the same libcvsservice reasons, I think)...
Now I'm using libcvsservice and cervisia from sid's repository and quanta and 
kdevelop3 works ok...
To workaround dependency problems I've just extracted sid's libcvsservice and 
cervisia packages to the right places while dpkg thinks I have 3.4 
Dirty solution, of course...
I hope kdesdk will be recompiled the right way soon and I can restore my 
system to the state without such a hacks :)


On Wednesday 30 March 2005 15:32, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> looks like it's libcvsservice related, and when I built kdewebdev,
> kdesdk 3.4 was not built, and it was built against the lib from kde
> 3.3.2
> we should build kdewebdev again and see if it still crashes (btw, I can
> reproduce it here, I just checked, while I was writing to you ;p)

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