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Re: crashes and hangs in KDE 3.4

> Did you try using KDE 3.4 with a freshly created KDE configuration 
> (move .kde directory out of the way and let it create a new one)? What 
> Debian version do you use? I use mostly Sarge with some parts of Sid. 

Yes, indeed.  I always do that with a new point release of KDE: move 
.kde out of the way, start fresh, and then start customizing.  And I do 
customize a lot; I change a lot of settings in the Control Center.  My 
login hang started during that process-- at some point I couldn't 
reliably log in again.  This was before I configured any applications; 
just Control Center settings.  I isolated a few that seemed to cause the 
trouble (e.g. turning off certain system sounds, setting up a kwallet), 
but it's not convincing; I think it's some interaction that causes the 

This is one of the frustrating things about it.  Start clean, and you 
should get a clean result.

I'm using the latest Debian packages from alioth.  My system is also 
Sarge with some Sid.

> I dont want to go back to KDE 3.3. I like 3.4 quite much. It crashes less 
> than KDE 3.3. The Kontact crash-on-exit behaviour that I had with 3.3 is 
> completely gone now for example.

Well I'm glad to hear it, and it does seem that most other users aren't 
having all of the problems that I am.


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