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Re: KDE Install step by step - More Info

On Saturday 26 March 2005 00:29, Bruce Lybbert Office wrote:
> What I have done so far.
> aptget install xfree86-common

This shouldn't be needed as the next apt-get command you issue below has 
dependency on this package, and thus auto-installs it.

> apt-get install x-window-system kde

This command alone aught to give you a full, working kde installation. 

> apt-get install kde-extras

Not necessarily needed. Actually for a minimal install, you only need

apt-get install x-window-system-core kdebase kdelibs

But what you have should certainly get you up and running.

> At the end of the boot I get an error
> Starting K Desktop Manager: /usr/bin/kdm error while loading shared
> ligraries : libX11.so.6: cannot open shared oblject file: No such file
> or directory

Auch.. That sounds bad. kdm is unable to start X because it can't find one of 
it's most basic libraries. If you have really installed X using the commands 
you say, this should be impossible.

Is there any /var/log/XFree86.0.log

Try having a look through it. Maybe it has a hint to what the problem is.

What version of Debian are you using? If I had a problem like this I would 
probably try purging, not just deleting, but purging as you need to get rid 
of all config files as well, all of kde and X11, and reinstall when you are 
sure everything is clean.

> Not starting X display manager (xdm); it is not the default display
> manager.

This is normal. It just means kdm is the default display manager, and xdm 
knows it..kdm replaces xdm, so..


 - Debian/Unstable - KDE 3.3.2 - KMail 1.7.2 -

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