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Re: kompmgr

* Benjamin Kudria [Fri, 25 Mar 2005 15:52:42 -0500]:
> Is there a reason kompmgr isn't included in the repository?  I understand that 
> the packages are built with an XFree environment in mind, but if kompmgr is 
> included anyway, XFree users won't experience breakage, they'll just get a 
> 'go and get the latest xorg' message in the translucency settings dialog.  
> But Xorg users (like me) will get the full benefit.  could kompmgr please be 
> included?  

  It seems to me that kompmgr needs some headers from the X.org version
  to get compiled (see [1]), so it can't be compiled in an XFree

    [1] http://webcvs.kde.org/kdebase/kwin/kompmgr/configure.in.in?rev=

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