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Re: blank screen after hwclock --hctosys

Frans Pop wrote:
On Friday 25 March 2005 12:57, Joerg Reckers wrote:

Yes my system is totaly out of sync sure, but thats because of the
suspend to disk! It is still set to the time it has been while

Run ntpdate as paret of your resume script?

No, hwclock should be called in the _suspend_ script, to be run immediately after wake up (remember, while it's the script that puts your machine to sleep, the script is _still_ running when it wakes).

Then, by the time X is back in business, the clock should be right. If you use ntpdate to set the clock, you still have a big lag because it doesn't want to change the clock that drastically at once (I think you can override that, but over the duration of a suspend, hwclock should be close enough, and faster).

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