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blank screen after hwclock --hctosys

If i do a "hwclock --hctosys" in kde (i do it in an xterm) after the machine 
wakes up from a supend to disk, the screen gets completly black for a minute 
or so. After that everything is fine and the system time is updated.

i dont understand. 
why does the screen blank?
why does it so long?

more background:
 -i let the machine suspend with: echo -n "disk" > /sys/power/state
 -It only hangs once, if change the hwclock later to whatever time and do a 
hwclock --hctosys again it works without problems. so just the first time i 
do it, i get the black screen.
 - i have no problems if i switch to "text mode" (whats it called? i mean 
tty1) after wake up (kde still running) and do the hwclock --hctosys there. 
no latency, i can switch back to kde instantly
 -i am using Debian Sid, so KDE 3.3.2

I would be glad for any ideas, thanks in advance,

P.S.: i live in europe and i will go to sleep soon, so will take some time 
till i can reply again ;-)

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