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Re: blank screen after hwclock --hctosys

Am Freitag, 25. März 2005 11:54 schrieb André Wöbbeking:
> On Saturday 01 January 2005 11:46, Joerg Reckers wrote:
> 01 January 2005 ???
> > Problem:
> > If i do a "hwclock --hctosys" in kde (i do it in an xterm) after the
> > machine wakes up from a supend to disk, the screen gets completly
> > black for a minute or so. After that everything is fine and the
> > system time is updated.
> >
> > i dont understand.
> > why does the screen blank?
> > why does it so long?
> Your system time is out of sync. If the difference is too big X has a
> problem to synchronize. Have a look at ntpdate or ntp.
> Cheers,
> André

Yes my system is totaly out of sync sure, but thats because of the suspend to 
disk! It is still set to the time it has been while suspending! 

i have running ntp, so a norrmal reboot is no problem! but ntpd doesnt work if 
the system is totally out of sync as it is after a suspend to disk, i have to 
update the system time manually (by using the hwclock as reference or using 
ntpdate). [As the system time is still the old after waking up from disk, i 
can even use an "at now + 5 min" in my suspend to disk script to do that]

As i wrote before:
>> -It only hangs once, if change the hwclock later to whatever time and do a 
>>hwclock --hctosys again it works without problems. so just the first time i 
>>do it, i get the black screen.
so just to be out of sync seems not to be a big deal for X 
(where can i find more information about beeing out of sync and X problems?)

greetings joerg

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