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Re: KMail Suggests: (was Re: The KMail PGP/MIME problem solved: gnupg-agent in Debian)

Am Montag, 21. März 2005 16:02 schrieb Kevin Krammer:
> Alternatively you could use this (that's what I use)
> ----- /usr/env/10-gpg-agent.sh ------
> #!/bin/sh
> # start gpg-agent
> # necessary for KMail's OpenPGP plugin
> eval "$(gpg-agent --daemon)"
> ----------------------------------------------------

$ ls -ld /usr/env
ls: /usr/env: No such file or directory

This does not seem to be a standard directory.
Is it a KDE-specific one? In this case, why is it not /etc/kde3/env?


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