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Re: Where do i get 3.4-pre?

> > Will these packages become the official KDE3.4 packages after
> > KDE3.4 is released?
> basically you can see them in the same light as you would packages in
> the experimental archive, i.e. there a work in progress of the
> official maintainers. Which means they probably won't become the
> official packages in the state they are in right now, but any changes
> are likely to be bugfixes, and compatible with the current packages
> there.

well, to be complete, you may have to force some files overwrite after 
having used such packages (some missing Replaces:)

But the packages are globally ok. further work will be done in packages 
descr, menu entries, icons, license checks, ... and will also not 
change the package layout too much
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