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Re: Where do i get 3.4-pre?

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 15:13, Michael Thaler wrote:
> On Tuesday 15 March 2005 11:21, Georg Prager wrote:
> > On Tuesday 15 March 2005 10:58, Luca Botti wrote:
> > > Can someone give me hint of a repository with 3.4-pre? I am new to
> > > debian (coming from 3 yrs of suse), so i need some help here
> >
> > deb http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/kde-3.4.0/ ./

> Are they packaged by the official KDE maintainers? 

> Will these packages become the official KDE3.4 packages after KDE3.4 is
> released? 
basically you can see them in the same light as you would packages in the 
experimental archive, i.e. there a work in progress of the official 
maintainers. Which means they probably won't become the official packages 
in the state they are in right now, but any changes are likely to be 
bugfixes, and compatible with the current packages there. 

(package team members do correct me if any of the above is incorrect)
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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