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Re: kamil recent-address's

On Thursday 10 March 2005 11:38, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 10 March 2005 16:02, Derek Broughton wrote:
> > Not as far as I can tell.  It _still_ remembers my netcom.ca address,
> > which is three years out of date
> >
> > > > AFAIK, kmail takes the adresses from your sentbox or sth like that,
> > > > so try to delete the mails with the bad adress in it and restart
> > > > kmail.
> > >
> > > They are saved in the ~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc file.
> >
> > No.  _Most_ of them are there.  My netcom.ca address isn't, and I've
> > asked here at least three times where it _really_ is, and can't get a
> > response from any of the developers.  I can't find it anywhere on the
> > system (except in emails - I _really_ don't want to have to delete
> > saved mails just to get it off the list).
> /me wonders if we are talking about the same thing here.
> This does not correspond to any of my experiences.
> Are you perhaps talking about an old Identity that needs to be removed
> from Settings/Configure KMail?
> Can you send a small screenshot that shows exactly what you are talking
> about?

Definitely not.  I do have a lot of identities, but this isn't one of them.  
When I start typing "derek" in an address box, one of the addresses offered 
to me is "Derek Broughton <dbroughton@netcom.ca>".  That hasn't been in an 
identity since the new owners of the ISP dropped that domain in 2001.

> P.S. Note: this is a user list, not a developers list. Also, the Debian
> developers maintaining the KDE packages are not the ppl who actually

Well, it's not a question that belongs on a developer list, but  I actually 
was thinking I was on kdepim-users, where I have asked before and all the 
kontact developers hang out.  So, you're right that it's not appropriate to 
this list.

> developers, you should go to the www.kde.org website or maybe file a bug
> at bugs.kde.org...

I don't like to file a bug without knowing something's wrong - in this case, 
it _seems_ wrong, but it would help if I had a clue where the address was 
coming from.

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