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Re: Problem with kate and long lines (upstream bug #93928)

Le Mer 9 Mars 2005 23:25, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis) a écrit :
> might be an idea to put this (and similar known gotchas) into a
> README file on the alioth archive?

in fact, we'd better try to have a preview of kdepim soon. We already 
have some (quite working) packages (quite) ready, but their shape is 
not satisfying enough, even for preview (upgrade not smooth, some files 
not in the right packages, ...)

that fact that the packages are on alioth and not in debian unstable or 
experimental *is* the readme ;)

btw, for the rest, I had a nice private discussion with Frans, and I 
recognize to have overected a "bit" ;) so we've both agreed to forget 
that part.
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