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Re: Problem with kate and long lines (upstream bug #93928)

> > does the working kontact include a working kmail component?
> > (working kmail is critical for me)
> kmail segfaulting sounds release critical anyway...
> Wrapping it in kontact should not be a requirement.

whoa, what a big boy, you know the expression « release critical » clap 
clap... today's lesson will be to learn what a release critical bug 
really is ...

in release critical , there is the word release (oh yeah, there is !!!) 
and do you know what ? our 3.4.0-0pre1 packages are ... not released ! 
even not uploaded to experimental. so your RC thing is quite offensive 
for our (the debian qt-kde team) work, that is quite heavy.

Moreover, if you read my mail more carefuly (in fact, just read it and 
not half of it should be enough) you'll see :
> > >  * kdepim is not packaged atm, and kmail segfaults (but kontact
> > > works fine, so whole KDE remains fully stable).

that means that if you use the packages that we made kindly available to 
you -- using for that the quite already overloaded alioth ressource -- 
you will have that problems. This was a warning to avoid that users 
that want to try our brand new packages, and that want to use kmail and 
see it crash, know that they actually *DON'T HAVE TO* downgrade the 
packages to make it work, and that using kontact is fine.

If you don't understand what the difference of preview packages (even 
not experimental) and stable ones ... then I cannot do anything for 
you. but keep in mind that our work need quite a big amount of time, 
and that such offending remarks are not welcome.
·O·  Pierre Habouzit
OOO                                                http://www.madism.org

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