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Re: Problem with kate and long lines (upstream bug #93928)

On Wednesday 09 March 2005 21:48, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > > does the working kontact include a working kmail component?
> > > (working kmail is critical for me)
> >
> > kmail segfaulting sounds release critical anyway...
> > Wrapping it in kontact should not be a requirement.
> whoa, what a big boy, you know the expression « release critical » clap
> clap... today's lesson will be to learn what a release critical bug
> really is ...
> in release critical , there is the word release (oh yeah, there is !!!)
> and do you know what ? our 3.4.0-0pre1 packages are ... not released !
> even not uploaded to experimental. so your RC thing is quite offensive
> for our (the debian qt-kde team) work, that is quite heavy.

the "debian developers reference" _defines_ RC as any bug of severity 
critical, grave or serious, a classification this bug seams to fall qualify 
for. (AIUI the preview packages are on alioth instead of in experimental 
because most/large part of the debian-kde people are still in NM and are 
thus unable to upload to experimental without a sponsor? Since the same 
classification applies to packages in experimental, it's not much of a 
stretch to apply it to the preview packages, even tough the resulting 
classification-name is a misnomer in this case)

-> he was merely using the term as outlined by Debian's documentation, and 
thus most likely didn't mean offense. 

> Moreover, if you read my mail more carefuly (in fact, just read it and
> not half of it should be enough) you'll see :
> > > >  * kdepim is not packaged atm, and kmail segfaults (but kontact
> > > > works fine, so whole KDE remains fully stable).
ah that's the info I was looking for :-), thanks

might be an idea to put this (and similar known gotchas) into a README file 
on the alioth archive? (Note: suggestion only, not meant in any way to 
reflect negatively on the great work you guys have been doing with the 
debian kde packaging)

> If you don't understand what the difference of preview packages (even
> not experimental) and stable ones ... then I cannot do anything for
> you. but keep in mind that our work need quite a big amount of time,
> and that such offending remarks are not welcome.
ouch, please cool down, as explained above there's a (at the very least 
feasible) non-offending interpretation of what frans wrote, 

IME most people do _not_ the intend to offend most of the time, hence it's 
usually best to interpret things in a non-offending way if possible. 
Especially since this:
 (a) severely irritates those few that do intend offense :)  
 (b) avoids scaring away random users that happened to inadvertently phrase 
things in a way that struck a chord
 (c) projects a much more positive atmosphere to those uninvolved (which 
makes them more likely to get involved)
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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