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Re: What's the best way to safely remove kde apps?

On Monday 21 February 2005 18:50, Derek Broughton wrote:
> I've been using kpackage as long as it's existed, and it's never been that.
> If the packages it's using are debs, it's _strictly_ a front end for
> apt-get. If the packages are rpms, it's a front end for rpm (??  not sure
> about that - _not_ alien, in any case).  It also recognizes all sorts of
> other package formats.  It doesn't "degrade" apt-get in any way.  I like
> the way it lets me scan the dependency chain (which is the only reason I
> usually use it, otherwise I just use apt-get).

So are you saying you install rpms in your nice clean debian install? You must 
be insane.


p.s. woops.. Seems like the flamer came out after all..

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