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Re: clicking on an html link opens it from /var/cache

From what you write below I am pretty sure it's the bug I mentioned that is 
causing this trouble.

When you select open with, and type in the application you want to use 
manually, instead of selecting it from the tree, then everything will work as 
expectied. It sounds like that is what you did with kwrite and your css 

The problem is, it seems, that kde is somehow unable to see the options that 
should be passed along when starting the application, so it misses the 
important %U option that many applications need.

The %U option, to put it simply, tells kde that the application you are 
starting, are aware of KDE's IO-slaves, and understand non local paths. This 
causes KDE to start the program immediately with the URL as the argument. If 
you don't give the %U option, KDE thinks the program will only be able to 
open files locally, so it will initiate a download of the file to a temporary 
location, which it will pass along to the program.

I saw that Elias came up with a sollution for you.


On Sunday 20 February 2005 23:55, John van Spaandonk wrote:
> In response to the message from Anders Ellenshøj Anderse:
> Opening a css file over ftp works allright, I do this all the time to
> maintain my website.
> I changed the .css association from quanta to kwrite (using open with /
> typing kwrite / always open this kind of file with...) , because quanta
> keeps loading all kinds of other used files when I click on a .css file.
> (plus it loads a new instance of quanta each time I click on a file)
> I _definitely_ had the (BR92134) problem of having
> to associate a file with an application time and again.
> New file association are not honoured by the system, but not in all cases.
> In my case I had it with trying to make a file open with kaffeine by
> default.
> I think I may have caused the mentioned .html problem myself by using
> "open file with" and then selecting kwrite for css and xml and also doing
> something like this for other file extensions.
> Now Konqueror also doesn't open the .xml help files of my mambo
> CMS. So I have to use Mozilla for that...
> I can see a css.desktop file in kde/share/minelnk/text
> It says
> [Desktop Entry]
> X-KDE-AutoEmbed=false
> I'm a bit confused here...
> Thanks for your reactions and any help with this...
> John

 - Debian/Unstable - KDE 3.3.2 - KMail 1.7.2 -

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