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Re: clicking on an html link opens it from /var/cache

On Sunday 20 February 2005 12:26, John van Spaandonk wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently I've been puzzled by the following problem.
> When I click on a weblink in kmail konqueror pops up but opens the
> file from the cache.

this usually means that the command associated with file type text/html is 
missing the %u parameter.
(This tells KDE that the application is able to handle URLs itself)

If you use Konqueror as your browser and have not made any other changes for 
text/html, you could remove your local version of the respective association 
file and KDE will use the correct default version.
The file should be .kde/share/minelnk/text/html.desktop

> This also happens in Mozilla when I select in Konqueror Location-Open
> with Mozilla and in some other occasions.

Check if Mozilla's .desktop file contains the %u parameter.


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