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Re: clicking on an html link opens it from /var/cache

On Monday 21 February 2005 09:32, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen wrote:

> The problem is, it seems, that kde is somehow unable to see the options
> that should be passed along when starting the application, so it misses the
> important %U option that many applications need.

Hmm, when you use the item from the tree it should use the 
corresponding .desktop file to lookup the correct exec line.
Of course a local .desktop file for that application could be malformed and 
local files override the global ones (from /usr/share/applications)

> The %U option, to put it simply, tells kde that the application you are
> starting, are aware of KDE's IO-slaves, and understand non local paths.

%U means URL list, %u means single URL.
For a KDE program it means very likely that it is using KDE's IO slaves, but 
any program can specify URL capability with that parameters (part of the 
freedesktop.org specification).

The Mozilla package should have installed a proper .desktop file 
under /usr/share/applications, that is the default path for menu entries 
according to the freedesktop.org specification and used by Debian.


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