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Re: What's the best way to safely remove kde apps?

Am Samstag, 19. Februar 2005 14:12 schrieb Curt Howland:
> The difficulty is that rather than "suggests" or "recommends", the KDE
> global metapackage(s) "depends" on many of the unnecessary KDE
> applications not just the real core apps, and the core apps "depends"
> on the metapackage.

Who cares for the meta packages? They contain not files and can be removed 
without any problem.

OTOH, the KDE-CVS is not what I would call optimal. Important packages like 
kdepim contain packages that many, many users do not care about:
kandy (does mostly not work, this program is mostly a no-op),
kmailcvt (only for users that come from other mail readers
kpilot (only for owners of a personal electronic organizer)

I am more unhappy with packages like kdepim-dev: to install a 55KB package, 
you have to pull >>12MB packages. And those are not libs but real apps.
And even worth, program like kpilot MUST be installed to satisfy its 
dependencies. Why do I HAVE TO install kpilot, I do not use such a device. It 
is a highly specific program and should thus be treated as such.


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