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Re: Kleopatra KMail S/MIME gpgsm, what's going on?

Am Freitag, 11. Februar 2005 22:59 schrieb Matej Cepl:
> My fear was that unless whole gnupg2 machinery is available and maintained
> for Debian/sarge, my S/MIME mechanism could be broken again. I used to have
> KMail working with S/MIME on woody (using backported KDE packages from
> download.kde.org) and it was broken on sarge when kgnupgcertmanager (or
> what was the name of this Kleopatra's predecessor) ceased to work with
> gpgsm and kleopatra was not available for sarge (having KDE 3.2.* only at
> the moment). Now, KDE 3.3.* came and everything is working again (well,
> almost -- I had to rebuild libgpgme11 and install gnupg2 by hand), but it
> works. Please, do not break it again!

Interesting, a current, recompiled libgpgme11 is missing in the external 
repository. But again, that is pretty easy...

Maybe it would be sufficient to convince Matthias Urlichs (smurf) to upload 
gnupg2 and some debian guys to get it out of the NEW queue fast and some 
other debian guys to push it to Sarge fast and the libgpgme11 maintainer to 
build-depend on gpgsm and...
Good luck with that ;)


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