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Re: Kleopatra KMail S/MIME gpgsm, what's going on?

Hendrik Sattler wrote:
>> I accept that the current solution is bad one, but I would
>> much prefer releasing into Debian unreleased GNUPG2, which would be later
>> (sometimes) conflicted and removed by then released standard gnupg.
> However, gnupg is a security related software. If the gnupg upstream
> maintainers think that it's tested enough for wide usage (and including in
> Debian _is_ just that), why is it considered ALPHA-grade?:
> ftp://ftp.gnupg.org/gcrypt/alpha/gnupg/

My fear was that unless whole gnupg2 machinery is available and maintained
for Debian/sarge, my S/MIME mechanism could be broken again. I used to have
KMail working with S/MIME on woody (using backported KDE packages from
download.kde.org) and it was broken on sarge when kgnupgcertmanager (or
what was the name of this Kleopatra's predecessor) ceased to work with
gpgsm and kleopatra was not available for sarge (having KDE 3.2.* only at
the moment). Now, KDE 3.3.* came and everything is working again (well,
almost -- I had to rebuild libgpgme11 and install gnupg2 by hand), but it
works. Please, do not break it again!


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