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Re: Knode killfile

On Thursday 03 February 2005 11:13, Liz Young wrote:
> On Thu February 3 2005 05:28 am, Derek Broughton wrote:
> > Yep, that'll immediately hide any _existing_ messages from
> > "killfiled" posters.  Next time you go to that folder, new messages
> > from that author still show. It's hopeless.
> To filter New messages, copy the Unread filter, and change the Status
> from "Is Read: False" to "Is New: True".

Why on earth would I want to change the status on the Unread filter to New?    
There's already a "new" filter for that.

> I have killfile filters for New, Today, Unread, and All.  Works great.

I know how it is _supposed_ to work.  Hiding posts according to Score, 
however, doesn't work.  

I have both the Unread and New filters modified to operate on "Single 
Articles", and include only scores >=0, and posts routinely appear with 
negative scores.  Incidentally, the KNode manual says that Ignoring threads 
operates by setting the score to -100 so that the thread can't be seen.  That 
doesn't work either - ignoring a thread hides it _now_ but any future posts 
in the thread will be shown - just like changing the score for an author.

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