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Re: Insert image in html edit mode

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 03:46 pm, Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> The problem with images in KMail is that even if HTML is activated,
> external links often are not, and referencing attachments doesn't work
> well.

So, does that mean that it is not possible even with an external editor?

> Btw. Feature requests should be made at bugs.kde.org, all Debian can do is
> forward requests.
> `Allan

Ok, thanks Allan.  This is not critical for me as 99% of my email 
correspondence is plain text anyway.  But because I am an amateur 
photographer in Virginia, and I have a friend in Australia who is also an 
amateur photographer, we send one or two pics via email sometimes with 

I will continue doing it the way I have been doing it until the feature shows 
up in Kmail.  And if it does not, no big deal.


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