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Re: 'Open with...' program associations can't be saved, which package?

El Martes 25 Enero 2005 23:32, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen escribió:
> On Tuesday 25 January 2005 23:19, Matías Costa wrote:
> > The "Remember asociation" functionality works for me and several more
> > people.
> I believe if your KDE installation is done at a period where this bug was
> not present, then you will not notice this bug when it appears later.

I never test bugs with my user. Ever with a new user without files in his 
home. Do you want I mess with my lovely conf files? :)

I also asked some friends.

> You need a new installation to test this.

A week ago I purged all X, and reinstalled. I know this is not the same, 

> Anders

I answer myself: sometimes does not show the "Remeber application..." checkbox 
because the file does not has a defined mime. Sure tomorrow I'll see all more 

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